Transportation Facilities

Bus Fleet


La Sagesse School owns a fleet of buses. Our Bus routes are fixed. There is normally no changes allowed in routes. If a student address gets changed due to relocation, only then can you apply for the change of bus route. Please go through information provided carefully and if it is convenient to you then only apply for admission. Please note the timings of the buses at your respective stoppages carefully, so that you can make necessary arrangements for your kids and they may be boarded and picked up without delay. Children will not be allowed to go with any other person unless they bring the application. Route schedule is notified on School Notice Board.

Bus Rules

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children are made to board the bus and escorted back on return.
  • If the buses do not arrive on time at the stop, parents are requested to contact the school authorities for any unforeseen holiday declared by the local education authorities.
  • If parents fail to reach the bus stop to receive their child, the child will be taken back to school. It will be the responsibility of parents to collect them back from school.
  • Students should not board or alight from a bus when it is in motion.
  • The bus routes laid down by the school authorities shall be strictly followed by one and all. No new stops are encouraged.
  • For any kind of change of address and phone number application must be submitted beforehand.
  • No student will be allowed to board any other bus except his/her regular allocated bus.
  • Students must maintain discipline in the bus. They are required to follow instructions of the teachers, maids, conductor & driver associated with the bus.
  • The students must not distract the driver while he is driving the bus.
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