Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Students,


It is a great pleasure that I welcome you on La Sagesse Group of Schools website.

As a Principal, I am thoroughly impressed with the commitment of the school and the staff to the provision of an excellent all-round education for our students in our school. My staff and I as a team work together, we strongly promote academic achievement among our students. The cultural, sporting and the success of our students and staff are also celebrated together.

La Sagesse Group of Schools is a group of innovative schools, to polish the talents and skills, of staff, students and parents to provide a facilitator host of educational programmes and projects. Wholesome participation is encouraged in the extensive range of extra-curricular activities and care is also taken to ensure the well-being and happiness of each and every student in the school.

With a long and rewarding history of achievement in education, our school community always strives continuously to move forward together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm.

I hope you enjoy the visit to the website and you wish to contact us, please find details on the contact page.




La Sagesse School Rau

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