Lab Facilities

La Sagesse has well equipped Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) laboratories in the School. All equipment made available in the Labs are of the highest quality and ably supported by qualified and competent staff to guide students with their experiments and project work etc..Students are expected to be careful at all times regarding the handling of the instruments and Chemicals in the laboratory.

Laboratory Rules

Please remember your safety is of top most priority, as you may be handling chemicals and electrical equipment, and hence utmost care be taken at all times. There is no scope for complacency

  • Articles in the lab should be used with care in presence of lab assistant only.
  • Keep the instruments and bottles at proper place after use.
  • Use chemicals carefully. Never be in haste, and follow instructions carefully.
  • If there is damage to any article/equipment, please inform the Lab Assistants to seek help.
  • Do not taste or smell chemicals.
  • Wear lab coat in the chemistry lab.
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